Health Delivery System

Day Care Centre

A view of day care centre 

Day Care Centre :
A unit of Ideas Foundation , dedicated for the services for elderly urban population . A centre with a difference providing routine healthcare ,Lifestyle recommendations , Nutrition suggestions ,and overall counselling  to elderly people  . Day Care unit has a pool of dedicated  professionals  from Medical Consultants to experts of Lifestyle,Nutrition,Stress Management , Yoga etc.

Objective :
Provide best possible emotional support to elderly people. The elderly people of urban area also suffering from isolation ,negligence and ignorance .The need is to provide them proper support with health care.
Day Care Provide

» Health Check-up by panel of experts
 » Referral linkage for specialized consultation
 » Referral linkage for specialized hospitalization
 » Lifestyle  advice and counseling
 » Naturopathy  advice and counseling
 » Nutrition advice and counseling
 » Herbal treatment advice and counseling
 » Yoga
 » Regular seminar on related issues

Expected outcome  for Elderly People 

 » Solution to their health issue
 » Free from dependability on family members or community
 » Emotional Support leads to reduction in stress
 » Free from the loneliness , can meet like minded people and can form club / group
 » Recreation activities will help them to feel that their presence is needed in the society

Tele Medicine Projects

Setting up CMF at Patna – We are associated with World Health Partners an international agency working on Telemedicine project in India . Current project setting up rural centres ( A village level enterprenuer –non – medico) at Meerut , Bijnor and Muzaffarnagar districts of western U.P. and connecting them with CMF (Central Medical Facility at Delhi , where a qualified Doctor examine patients through Computer , internet and Re-Me-Di software and send prescription through internet . We have set – up a telemedicine consultation center at Patna with 4 Doctors and para-medics at our S.K.Nagar , office . Doctors are providing consultation to U.P. and M.P. rural centers ,s patients We have set -up an extension of CMF at Patna , where a Doctor at Patna is providing health consultation to patients of U.P. through Telemedicine and at the same time can provide their valuable suggestions and prescription for patient’s cure .

Telemedicine consultations
centre at Patna

Telemedicine consultations
centre at Patna

We have set-up a telemedicine link between district hospital Hazipur and Department of Pediatrics , PMCH . This project is funded by UNICEF , Bihar .

Telemedicine unit at Sadar Hospital , Hazipur

Telemedicine center at PMCH ,

Telemedicine Consultation in progress at PMCH

Telemedicine Consultation in progress at PMCH